You want to borrow money, but do you care about comfort and speed? In this case, the best choice will be a  payday loan without leaving your home. Now we will get it both in banks and non-bank companies.

Do not you have too much time or do not feel like leaving home? In this case, you do not have to give up a loan for your expenses. Now you can also take it safely online or with home delivery. What is it worth to decide?

Cash on-line

Today, cash payday loans via the Internet offer us both banks and non-bank loan companies. We can get even tens of thousands of zlotys for any purpose, depending on your creditworthiness.

Internet loans in banks are available mainly for regular customers – then we can apply for them after logging into your transaction service. This is the most convenient solution, and the money can be on your account in just a few minutes.

However, if your bank does not give you such a possibility, it is worth checking the offers of non-bank loan companies.

We can also receive money there even on the same day that we submitted the application.

In non-bank loan companies, we can take a payday loan or installment loan. The latter option will be the best if you want to borrow a larger sum, because then the debt will be spread over installments. We have to pay off the balance sheet within a month, which is why it is not the best choice for everyone.

To receive a cash loan online, we must meet the basic requirements that can be found on the bank’s website or a non-bank company. In the case of non-bank lending companies, the main requirements are having the appropriate age, bank account, mobile phone, valid ID card, permanent source of income and no entries in debtors’ databases. There is no need to provide documents confirming income, which is why we can get a loan sooner.

Usually, the waiting time for money is one business day, but sometimes it can be longer depending on the procedures used by the loan company. Speeding hours of transfers are also influencing the speed.

Consolidated loan with delivery to your home

The second option for people who want to get an installment loan without leaving their home is a home service loan, that is, a home delivery. Such loans are only offered by some loan companies.

In this case, we must contact the loan company by phone or send an on-line message, and then a representative of the loan company will visit us on the agreed date. On the spot, we will be able to sign a contract and receive money. The repayment also takes place during the visits of a loan company employee. Most often, repayments are made on weekly dates. However, remember that home-service loans are more expensive.

In summary, if you want to get a loan without leaving your home, it’s really not that difficult. Now you can get it online or straight home. Choose the option that will be most beneficial for you!

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