Did you have an unforeseen expense and need cash immediately? 

If you need a personal loan quickly, have two types of loans available: consumer loans and loans using your vehicle as collateral.

How to apply for a cash loan urgently?

The application for urgent cash loans is made online using a form that you must fill out on website. will only ask you for personal information such as name, address, ID number, telephone number, email address and the bank account number where your salary is regularly credited.

Once you have submitted the form, will analyze it and if you can continue with the application, in a few minutes you will receive a call from a advisor who will go through the details of your loan with you. Both the interest rate and the repayment terms will be agreed by mutual agreement.

In general terms, could summarize the application process to a personal consumer loan in the following way:

1 – From website you must choose this type of loan.

2 – You must complete a form where you will have to indicate your personal data.

3 – Then you should place the amount you want to ask for.

If instead you decide to apply for a personal loan using your car as collateral, the mechanics are as follows:

1 – You must fill out a loan application with the amount to request, your personal data and those of your vehicle.

2 – The repayment capacity of the loan will be analyzed and it will be pre-approved (if applicable) or it will reject the loan request.

3 – A verification will be coordinated on the conditions of the car to be used as a guarantee. The same will be done by qualified personnel hired by . The status of the car is a determining factor so recommend you apply for this type of loan only if your car is in good condition.

4 – Once the verification has been approved, you will be contacted to coordinate the signing of the necessary documentation and will proceed with the insurance change (in case the insurance is not the same one provided by the financial company).

5 – Once signed the documentation (mutual pledge I will pay), the financial company will proceed to deposit the money in the account of the applicant. The maximum amount for the granting of a pledge loan with cars as collateral will cover a maximum of 40% of the value of the vehicle.

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