Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a great way to enhance creativity to your style, whether with your hair or just the general look of your outfit. We all have seen these little pieces of metal, cloth, elastic, etc., in stores before but do not know how they work.

You might be thinking, “I don’t need any more hair accessories.” But you never know when one can make your day brighter!

With this article, we will cover everything you could ever want to know about hair accessories: their history, materials used in making them, and which ones are best for different styles.

Hair Bands

Fit for adding volume to your hair and making it appear thicker, which is excellent if you have thin or fine hair that just lies flat on your head. Also good for creating a specific style such as waves without curling irons or hot rollers.

These can be used to keep your hair out of the way when doing activities such as exercising. They are also good for keeping long bangs swept to one side, so they do not get in one’s eyes or cause distractions.


Great if you have layers within your hairstyle and want them pulled back together at once, or if you wish to keep your hair out of your face. Headbands are also suitable for controlling the sweat of one’s forehead when exercising.

Depending on their elasticity, headbands will either give one a more fitted look than others or remain looser throughout the day, so they do not cause discomfort.

Hairpins / Clips

Suitable for creating a variety of styles, such as half up and down hairstyles. These can also be used to keep large braids in place. Many people do not realize that these come in different sizes, which is essential when using them with certain types or thicknesses of hair so they will not slip and slide out of place during the day.

Bobby Pins
Great for smaller hairstyles that need to be kept together, such as a French braid or all one-length styles. These can also help keep hair in certain places when doing activities such as running, which could cause discomfort if one’s hair suddenly falls forward due to the wind.